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Thursday, 30 April, 2020

It is our pleasure and honour to welcome you as a distinguished guests to attend the 2nd EA4SD International Symposium in Athens, Greece, 19/20 November, 2021. The Symposium will take place at Megaron Athens International Conference Center (MAICC), a unique state of the art Hall, a landmark in the center of Athens, offering the finest facilities, stunning aesthetics and cutting edge technology. The Symposium is organized together with the 7th ECOSEP International Congress of Sports Medicine. The Symposium will bring an outstanding group of experts from around the world to provide specific research and knowledge in the field of Sports Science and Dentistry. 


Tuesday, 14 April, 2020

The EA4SD board is very pleased to welcome the Societa Italiana Odontostomatologia dello Sport (SIOS) as an official partner of the European Association for Sports Dentistry network. The SIOS over the past years contributes enormously in Sports Dentistry development in Italy with research, courses and curriculum. The SIOS members are also welcomed as members of the EA4SD committees. We are now looking forward to further develop together Sports Dentistry in Europe and better integrate it in Sports Medicine.


Tuesday, 29 March, 2020

Dr. Rick Knowlton passed away on Wednesday, March 11th 2020. He was a dear friend, colleague and mentor to us. He was always a great support for the European Association for Sports Dentistry. Dr. Knowlton was the former president of the Academy for Sports Dentistry, he was an Olympic Team Dentist for the USA Field Hockey Team, involved with the Rheems Athletic Association and founder of the Elizabethtown Summer Volleyball program. 2013 elected to the American Football Hall of Fame and awarded for Outstanding Service to the Profession by the Academy of General Dentistry.

His presence and lecture in November 2019, 1st EA4SD International Symposium in Paris was more than inspiring. As EA4SD Family we will always remember him, and he will be greatly missed. Sports Dentistry has lost one of the biggest fellows ever.


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