EA4SD Executive Committee

The aim of the executive committee is to act as a think tank representative of sports dentistry associations and dentists on various subjects and projects of sports dentistry development. The projects brought in and once having the approval of this committee and the EA4SD Board, will be an official policy of the EA4SD.

Thanos Stamos, DDS

EA4SD Executive Vice-President

Chair of EA4SD Executive Committee

Sophie Cantamessa, DDS

EA4SD President

Jean-Luc Dartevelle, DDS

EA4SD Research Vice-President

Prof. Marc Engels-Deutsch, DDS, PhD

Prof. Peter Fine, BDS, PhD

Elif Gunduz, DDS

Flavia Del Grosso, DDS

John Haughey, DDS

Stavros Avgerinos, DDS

Dimitris Tsachalinas, DDS, PhD

Thierry Crouzette, DDS

Florian Trombowsky, DDS