The European Association for Sports Dentistry was founded in Paris, France, by Sports Dentists from different European Countries.

Our common ground was our findings that athletes have a neglected  and underestimated Oral Health. We also share the same ideas about the Sports Dentistry development through customized screening and treatment protocols, research and epidemiology. We now have all the necessary scientific evidence available proving that the Oral Health is a major risk factor for athletes' injuries and it directly influences their performance.

Our goal is to join our experience and ideas in order to define and develop the important relation between Dentistry and the exercised human body just as any other Medical Specialty relates in Sports. Our vision is to make Sports Dentistry be a part of the multidisciplinary Sports Medicine science.


Our mission is the promotion of Sports Dentistry and its importance on the general health and performance, at the level of individual athletes and sports organizations (local, national and international) as well as the development of strategies of Oral Health prevention by education and information.



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