We encourage all sports dentists, sports physicians and professionals to join us! Membership to the EA4SD is an opportunity to share our experience and ideas, to actively participate in the development of Sports Dentistry, to better integrate Sports Dentistry into the Sports Medicine community for the benefit of millions of athletes around the world. As we learn from sports, its all about teamwork!

EA4SD proposes the following categories of membership :

Active Member (Dentists)

Dentists can become members by filling the EA4SD registration form followed by the payment of the annual subscription fees. You are welcome to participate in our meetings, contribute to the Sports Dentistry development across Europe and beyond and work together with other Sports Dentists. Your active participation and ideas are of a great value!

Associated Member (non-dentists)

Sports Physicians and professionals who share our vision of Sports Dentistry importance in Sports are more than welcome. Your contribution to the Sports Dentistry development is very important to us.


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