The 1st EA4SD International Symposium

The 1st EA4SD International Symposium at 6th ECOSEP Congress in INSEP, Paris, took place with a great success. The 3 sessions, 1 workshop and 20 international speakers presented the latest development of research, oral health in sports and injuries management. Dentists from around the world met in Paris for this unique Sports Dentistry event. ECOSEP and EA4SD made the integration of sports dentistry into sports medicine a reality!

The Contributors


The Speakers

Sophie Cantamessa, DDS

EA4SD President

Impact Of The Oral Health In Sports Performance

Thanos Stamos, DDS

EA4SD Executive Vice-President

Is Sports Dentistry The New Specialty? The Athletes Give Us The Answer

Jean-Luc Dartevelle, DDS

EA4SD Vice President - INSEP

Periodontal Issues In Athletes, Local And Distal Impact

Stavros Avgerinos, DDS

DGSZM Honorary President

The DGSZM/Intrasmile one4all Sports Mouthguard Concept

Flavia Del Grosso, DDS

SIOS Italy

Stomatognathic Evaluation with EMG at Paraolympic Swimming Athletes Serranus : Bite for Each Sports

Prof Marc Engels-Deutsch, DDS, PhD

University of Lorraine -Nancy

Oral Cavity Bacterial Factor And Overall Health Of Athletes

Prof Peter Fine, BDS, PhD

UCL London MSc Director

Sports Dentistry, It's All About Education

Florian Goettfert, DDS

DGSZM Vice-President

The DGSZM Functional Treatment Concept For Olympic And Elite Athletes

Elif Gunduz, DDS

Specialist Orthodontist

Mouthguard Fabrication In Ortho Cases

John Haughey, DDS

UCL London

Oral Cavity Bacterial Factor And Overall Health Of Athletes

Johanna Herzog, DDS


The Centric Bite Registration

Speaker Info

Jeffrey Joy, DDS

Los Angeles Lakers Dentist

Competing, Performing and Training With Dental Injuries

Speaker Info

Richard Knowlton, DDS

Past ASD President

Soda Sports And Energy Drinks

Speaker Info

Prof. Joshinobu Maeda, DDS, PhD

Osaka University, Japan

How To Make Effective And User-Friendly Mouthguards With Scientific Background​

Speaker Info

Siegfried Marquardt, DDS


The Importance Of Accurate Transfer Of The Physiological Anatomic Position Of The Maxilla And Of The Exact Centric Bite Registration For The Elite Athlete

Stephen Mills, DDS

Past ASD Predident

Sports Dentistry In USA, Its History, Its present, Its Future

Speaker Info

Prof Alessandro Nanussi, DDS, PhD

Milano-Biccoca University

Overload management in the professional athlete: the importance of a balanced occlusion

Prof. Tomotaka Takeda, DDS, PhD

Tokyo Universiy, Japan

Relation Between Occlusion And Body Function

Martion Thaden


Step-by step Technical Realization of one4all Concept

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Florian Trombowsky, DDS

EA4SD General Secretary

Dental Emergencies In Sports

The Symposium Moments

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